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DuBois Central Catholic

Logo and consulting

Core identity and website design taking this small rural industrial supplier to widespread regional recognition and greater market share in this competitive field. 

Core identity, consultation in brand strategy, marketing, advertising, and creative direction. Established a new identity and established a strong market presence for this historical brand which greatly increased enrollment greater than pre downturn levels. Improved alumni support and investment, and strengthened historical brand value.

Simply Skin Medical Spa

Logo and identity

SixBit Software

Logo and identity

Core identity, marketing, advertising and web development to establish a strong market presence with precise targeting in upscale market for this start up quickly enabling them to become a regional well known medical spa. Award winning logo design 2007.

New identity and advertising for well known developers of auction software on Ebay. Established new identity with no loss  to their national status as major software developers.

DuFast Transit

Logo and identity

Cutting Edge Bullets

Logo and identity

Core identity and collateral, marketing, advertising, map system and web design bringing instant recognition and increased ridership to this area transportation system.

Core identity, marketing, packaging and advertising. Helped establish a new niche market for this area company by reaffirming their core competency in machining to help them quickly market a technically advanced copper bullet that outperforms the competition. Today Cutting Edge Bullets are best sellers.

Marketing, advertising and package design for a multi level player in the food processing industry which helped them gain clients and increased national market share with their own line of food products.

Parent company corporate identity for Cutting Edge, core identity system with versatility enabling niche marketing for various machining applications and future market expansion and growth. This company enjoys worldwide status as a leader in machining technology with widespread name recognition in medical, aerospace, firearms, architectural, electronic and many other industries that rely on consistently precise parts.


Logo Design

Targeted, and experienced accuracy in market placement helping your business create the right impression, foster the relationships you are seeking and helping you achieve the right long lasting impression cross application. Custom logo design starts at $1500, one application (business card) and excludes custom type. Stationery package and multiple logo applications extra.

Web Design

Ready to move to an online presence?

Brand Strategy

A brand consultation and strategic plan can help you navigate the market before making costly mistakes. An expert brand strategy consultation may help you refocus your goals toward the right audience and marketplace.

Retainer Services

Mary & Ferrari provides dedicated monthly support with corporate design retainer packages starting at 10 hours per month for web maintenance or design. We manage creative projects or we partner with your in-house team to get the job done.

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Expert design for leading brands

“I’ve worked with Mary for more than 20 years, collaborating on a number of successful integrated marketing communications campaigns. I was particularly impressed by Mary’s ability to work from an organic, strategic planning process to full development. Mary offers not only first-rate design skills, but understands and implements the entire marketing process, from concept to follow-up. Mary would be an asset to any team.”

P. Piccirillo

BOARD OF DIRECTORS, DCC - AUTHOR - Heartwood and The Indigo Scarf

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