DuFast Transit

DuFast Transit is a public mass transportation system with a 40 plus year history. They cover a wide area and serve thousands of local residents on a daily basis. They also provide para transit services.

They contacted us seeking an update to their brand image which began with logo design.

We have enjoyed a long business relationship with this area company, helping them serve their customers with many functional design products. 



We began our long collaboration with DuFast Transit by designing their logo. 


This scalable, memorable and versatile logo design appears on signage and bus stops throughout the community helping DuFast quickly re-establish their brand.

brand visuals

We also designed their stationery system as the starting point in their business collateral material.


DuFast Transit always sought to engage their customers with various marketing and advertising materials. 



Map System

One of our most ambitious projects for DuFast was designing their transit system map. This became an interactive feature on their website so that customers could easily see each route by color. New routes were also added.

Rider Guides

This project entailed several rider guides in various formats, including a fold-up pocket brochure so that customers could easily access bus schedules, fees and other info.


DuFast Transit took advantage of marketing to their customers via multiple customer contact avenues, always ensuring the community was well aware of their services and could easily utilize them.

DuFast Transit

With DuFast we also began design and development of their website.

DuFast Transit’s meticulous attention to their brand image within the community enabled us to effectively help them complete their communication strategy with a range of products that produced immediate recognition and results.

DuFast is a public transportation community asset with a long area history. We helped DuFast Transit update and maintain a vibrant and contemporary public image and our business collaboration continues.