Simply Skin is a local clinic specializing in medical cosmetic enhancement. Our project was to help the business achieve a core identity and create basic identity print products. We began as usual with several mock-ups helping the owner visually identify how to best communicate to their market niche which is for upscale customers.



The client chose a restful and elegant logo which helped further advance future projects such as brochures and various other printed marketing and advertising materials.

brand visuals

After color refinement, we began a basic identity package which included a brochure.


advancement of goals

We later worked on several projects, including ads, additional stationery products, shopping bags etc. which helped the client achieve a well-known position in the local market, still appreciated by many customers and our business collaboration continues.



We did many advertisements for Simply Skin including billboards and print ads.


In consultation we helped Simply Skin Medical Spa develop many applications easing client appointments and scheduling within their clinic.

award winning logo design

Simply Skin logo was chosen as an award winner in identity design in GDUSA® 2007 American Graphic Design Awards, one of two winners for our business that year.

Simply Skin