Cutting Edge Bullets

     In 2001 Cutting Edge Machining Solutions Inc. opened. Cutting Edge Machining Solutions offers precision parts made from CNC Swiss Style Lathes, a technologically superior machine that is renowned for its ability to machine extremely small precision parts. They machine precision parts for the medical, aerospace, firearms, architectural, electronic, and many other industries that rely on their ability to create consistently precise parts. This is where our relationship began with logo and identity design for Cutting Edge Machining Solutions.

Although the shop experienced continual annual growth, Cutting Edge expanded and developed their own product line. They combined their passion for precision machining with the owner’s  obsession for long range hunting. The ability to use the advanced machining capabilities created the perfect atmosphere for creating a technically advanced copper bullet that performs better than any other bullet in terms of trajectory, accuracy and performance. A bullet that resulted in a projectile that performed extremely well with a high ballistic coefficient, was extremely accurate and expanded better than expected.

This product line was the genesis for Cutting Edge Bullets.

We continued a relationship with Cutting Edge Machining as their business grew and flourished and today they are a recognized leader in both areas of expertise.


Logo Design I

This was our first identity design for Cutting Edge Machining Solutions. We later developed a stationery system.

logo design II

Our second logo design for Cutting Edge Machining was created to complement their parent company image while highlighting their new and unique product line, Cutting Edge Bullets. 

Product Launch

Our collaboration proceeded with their product launch and colors and images were developed to reflect, precision design, accuracy and performance.


We began the next phase of our design relationship with Cutting Edge by designing their packaging.

collateral and advertising

Brochures I

Some of our first collateral projects were for Cutting Edge Machining Solutions.

brochures II

We later went on to develop brochures for their new product line. 


We designed many ads for Cutting Edge Bullets which appeared in various magazines.


Various ad campaigns were created utilizing ads of all sizes. Consistency helped establish Cutting Edge Bullets and enabled them to quickly position themselves in the market. 


Today Cutting Edge Bullets has a full product line including ammunition, accessories and apparel.

Cutting Edge Bullets

      Cutting Edge Bullets and Cutting Edge Machining Solutions has a well established worldwide brand. They have a full product line with several technology patents and their customers remain engaged and loyal.  We look forward to the future with Cutting Edge Machining Solutions and Cutting Edge Bullets as they continue to expand their product lines and communication strategy.