Seger's industrial Radiator

Seger’s Industrial Radiator is a local midsize company with a regional reach in a competitive market. Seger’s Industrial Radiator specializes in repairing coolers for oil and gas drilling rigs throughout Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. Their clients include gas and oil, the coal industry, mining, drilling and industrial. They also custom build cooling systems.


After carefully listening to their objectives, a review of their current identity and research in their industry, our collaboration helped them narrow their vision and goals.



They were presented with 3 mockups of logo design drafts much more reflective of their current mid-size market placement as compared to their current brand and identity.

brand visuals

This helped them visualize their brand for optimal positioning. 

achieving their goals

Their final choice was the logo shown at left which was recommended as the best choice indicative of a market assessment of how best to plan for their company image and growth.

Seger's industrial Radiator

Their new identity is currently in use on their website which was done by Mary & Ferrari web design and development.

Seger's industrial Radiator

Their new identity also also works very well for their signage, workwear and is easily read on their company trucks and other industrial types of equipment, greatly improving upon their former basic identity package and image with customers and within their industry, helping Seger’s Industrial Radiator quickly position themselves as a well established brand eager to compete in this fast-growing market.