SixBit software

SixBit Software is the well known team that created “Auction Assistant” (1997), “Seller’s Assistant” (2001) and “Blackthorne” (2005). They have been major developers of desktop auction management software for eBay sellers.

Sixbit software

They contracted our services to design a logo for their latest auction management identity, SixBit Software.



SixBit Software had a few basic requirements which would allow for team differentiation in their stationery system.


I designed a color coded system allowing their team to be easily identified by their customers.

achieving their goals

Their identity package is a functional design that meets their needs while achieving cohesiveness throughout their system.


other applications

We later created banner ads and various applications for them.

web spots

Their logo and identity package is still in use today on eBay and throughout their various web and advertising spots.

Web Spots

As auction assistant software developers known for ease of use by their customers, SixBit Software  identity helps keep them recognizable in a competitive market.