Build A Brand Repurchasing Strategy

Build A Brand Repurchasing Strategy

Important Brand Equations

Frequency of use equals frequency of brand affirming or brand switching behaviors. This equation helps explain why brand loyalties grow stronger to beer (used daily or weekly) than to champagne (bought on special occasions) and why you should strategically manage this brand asset.

Campbell’s Soup established itself as the go to brand for hot soup during Christmas snowfalls with clever advertising that mightily capitalized despite infrequent occasions for use.

One of the most memorable and longest running Christmas ads, the Campbell’s snowman. 1993.

It also helps to know how many trials you have to induce to conquer competitive users.

What trials can you offer to induce frequency of use?

Simply Skin Medical Spa has learned to fortify its brand loyalty with a wide offering of services and products mined from consideration of both consumer behavior and frequency in beauty enhancement treatments and products.

 By serving one time customers well and inducing customers with medical grade cosmetic products or minor cosmetic enhancements they have utilized the power of repurchasing to their advantage.

What trials can you offer to induce frequency of use?

Simply Skin opened the door to new clients with many trial offers on services and products which helped to quickly establish the brand and create a wide customer base.

Simply Skin Medical Spa creates consumer confidence through extensive certification and training in all beauty enhancement procedures for every age group. This standard and careful marketing has enabled the brand to create a wide market of consumers including men, young adults and those seeking non invasive weight loss procedures. 

Purchaser Behavior

You can never know too much about purchaser behavior.

Do repurchase patterns change by time of day, time of year, retail environment, competitive pressure or promotional activity? Can these behaviors be altered? What are your use up rates? Do users take themselves out of the market for a considerable length of time with each purchase?

These are basic questions you should ask yourself about your products or services to help strategize and create additional use, more occasions of use, to increase velocity of repurchase and affirm brand decisions in your market.

Brand Loyalty?

Basking in the glow of brand loyalty has the unintended consequence of taking good customers for granted. No one should count on the continued blind loyalty of people who have chosen a brand in the past. Brand owners should be loyal to their customers not the other way around. Consumers will buy and rebuy only those brands that continue to live up to their perceptions of added value.

Give yourself high marks for planning and exploiting ways to promote additional uses or occasions which tend to increase velocity of repurchase, affirm  brand decisions and create stronger brand loyalty.

Repurchasing power is a brand asset that offers high return on investment if done well.

High quality medical grade product offerings help introduce brand strengths to new consumers. By learning to affirm brand decisions, capitalize on the power of repurchasing and creating additional use Simply Skin continues to expand their consumer base and brand loyalty remains strong.

Simply Skin took advantage of special occasions to introduce additional use and reaffirm brand awareness and ads like this were often created for area bridal shows and publications.