Giuseppe’s Finer Foods

Giuseppe’s Finer Foods is an industrial food processing company with their own line of food products. These included a variety of salad dressings, condiments and other specialty food products for both commercial supply and consumer products.

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Our multi year collaboration with Giuseppe’s Finer Foods began with an identity package which included a folder to hold multiple product spec sheets for their various sales teams. The folder was multi purpose in that it was also designed as a brochure to help introduce the capabilities of the company and hold other identity material for various marketing purposes. I later went on to design labels for their entire product line which included many salad dressings, condiments and other specialty food products to be sold in store. Their requirements for these designs included color coded labels for each product and sets of neck wraps along with nutrition labels. We also designed their commercial supply food product labels.

Giuseppe’s Finer Foods

Throughout many projects over their history Mary & Ferrari Graphic Design worked with various  teams at Giuseppe’s Finer Foods to help them establish a clear identity as an industrial food processing company ready to serve producers, a commercial food supplier and creator of their own product lines for consumers.

Mary & Ferrari also designed the trade show displays for Giuseppe’s Finer Foods. Our long collaboration enabled Giuseppe’s Finer Foods to become a national leader in the  food processing industry.

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